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Weight Loss Surgery Support is an experienced health care team focused on supporting your journey after weight loss surgery.

Our team includes:

  • Dietitians – making eating healthy, easy and even fun!
  • Psychologists – helping you to develop positive relationships with food
  • Exercise physiologists – helping you to gain the motivation to exercise in a way that suits your body

We are experts in the field of weight loss surgery and see over 100 clients per week in our clinic.

Our experience has shown us, that to achieve the best possible outcomes after surgery, you need a team that not only provides up to date information, but who make your goals easier and more enjoyable to achieve – this is our promise to you.

We will support you through all stages of your journey, and help you overcome some of the challenges that may arise such as weight plateaus, managing food cravings and becoming more active.


We partner with a number of surgical clinics in and around Melbourne;