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Sharon Gray


Philosophy and approach

Sharon believes that just like our body needs water and healthy food, our mental health has needs. She helps clients move closer to living their authentic and more meaningful life, by addressing the factors which may impede holistic wellbeing. It is about learning to face fears and doubts, and have the courage to change the direction of our life towards that which may make our authentic self feel the most alive, free and unburdened. She has worked for over 10 years in helping clients develop insight to that which impedes change and achieving goals. Through the use of clinical therapy skills, Sharon assists clients to develop a healthier view of themselves, feel more in control of their emotions and urges and address clinical symptoms of mental health.

Personal life

Sharon can often be found either out in the garden or trying her hand at learning something new for the (never ending) renovation plans. She loves nothing more than relaxing with her husband and two cats. A good Sunday afternoon would be going for a relaxing walk to the beach, having a swim and talking over a cup of chai.


Past research interests have explored disordered body image and food beliefs within female populations. Sharon has worked primarily within medical and psychiatric hospital settings, collaborating closing with the medical teams in addressing both mental and physical health concerns. She has extensive experience with clinical psychiatric presentations, psychological support related to medical health conditions and relationship difficulties. Sharon has developed and run group therapy programs around address low self-esteem, changing negative core beliefs and inner critic, and improving emotional regulation.


Sharon is a registered Clinical Psychologist and holds a Masters of Psychology (Clinical).  She is an accredited Dialectic Behavioural Therapist and a registered psychology supervisor.