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Stefania Franja

Provisional Psychologist

Philosophy and approach

Stefania’s greatest passion in life is helping people live their best, most authentic lives. She believes that it’s a lot of the little things that make up the bigger picture.

Using a warm, empathetic approach, Stefania works with clients to explore their relationship with food and their body. Stefania helps clients increase their self-awareness and explore elements that may be contributing to a poor wellbeing. In collaboration with clients, Stefania works to address issues that may be prohibiting them from implementing the kind of sustainable change necessary to achieve long-term health goals. Utilising evidence-based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Strengths-based approaches, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Stefania helps clients increase self-efficacy, strengthen their emotional regulatory skills, and feel more in charge of their life.

Personal life

Stefania’s down time activities include quilt making, sewing, or reading. She has an ever-growing collection of plants that she has proudly propagated, requiring constant care and movement for the “perfect amount of light”. Those things aside, she is often on all fours, exploring the world through her toddler’s eyes, along her two sweet, sweet dogs.


Stefania’s PhD has focused on the implicit processes (e.g., attentional biases, impulsivity) which are known to drive eating behaviours. Specifically, Stefania has explored how individuals respond to environmental, social (and emotional) food-related cues, and how this relates to their real-world food intake. In hope to inform future weight-loss interventions, Stefania has published her findings in numerous academic journals, and presented her work at international conferences.

In her clinical work, Stefania has experience providing clients with psychological support addressing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder and disordered eating. In order to help clients to improve their interpersonal relationships and self-esteem, Stefania helps clients develop better communication skills.


Stefania is a Psychologist with Provisional registration. She is also at the very tail-end of her PhD in Psychology, which has focused on unconscious processes involved in eating behaviour.

*New appointments available for September*