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Are you using your protein shakes effectively?⁠

Protein can be such a big focus after bariatric surgery – and some people love including protein shakes into their routine to help meet their needs…

But are you using your protein shakes effectively?

  • Is your protein shake replacing a meal? ⁠
    Consider adding in some other ingredients to create a balanced meal like blended veg, fruit, nut butter or oats – or try using a meal replacement to get the vitamins, minerals and fibre you may be missing out on with protein alone⁠
  • Are you replacing a meal with protein shakes only once in a blue moon?
    It’s probably not going to make much of a difference to your nutrition! But replacing regularly? This can impact your nutrition and a meal replacement may be more beneficial.⁠
  • Are you having protein shakes to meet a ‘target’ even when you’re not hungry?⁠
    Try getting most of your protein from your main meals and chat with your dietitian if you still feel like you’re not getting enough.⁠
  • Are you struggling to get in protein-rich foods or getting hungry (not just head hunger!) between meals?⁠
    A protein shake can be a great way to meet your needs or to fill you up between meals for few calories.⁠

Still confused about protein? Book in with one of our dietitians to discuss further!