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The best multidisciplinary pre and post op bariatric service – branded to your clinic

We understand that surgeons need the highest quality allied health support to match the excellent standards of surgical care which they provide. We’re also aware of how hard it can be to find and maintain the right people – clinicians who are experts but also great with patients, fun to work with and understand the subtle differences intrinsic and important to individual practices.

‘Weight Loss Surgery Support’ are a team of accredited allied health professionals with extensive experience with bariatric surgery patients and other weight loss. Currently we collectively see over 100 weight loss surgery clients each week. We are keen to join with your practice to complement your surgical service.

Through our richly interactive and personalised integrated health experience, your clients will be equipped with the skills, confidence and knowledge to realise their health goals. Through a combination of embracing evidence-based knowledge with empathy and team work, we endeavour to change lives for the better.

We make it easy for you to provide a seamless service, working in collaboration with your clinical ideology to ensure continuity of care.

We are committed to the total wellbeing of your patients.

How we work

  • We tailor our services to suit the needs of your clinic and your patients. We can provide in-house consulting at your rooms, or external consulting where clients are seen at our clinic locations in and around Melbourne.
  • Patients can engage with as many speciality allied health services as required. Additional resources/services can be utilised without the requirement for one-on-one consulting.
  • Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality allied health service – one which your patients like to attend, but to remove the anxiety, cost, and time required to manage this ‘in house’.


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