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How to get past a hard day after surgery

A difficult day could be a variety of things and can come at any time; feeling nauseous and queasy, eating too much too quickly and experiencing vomiting or pain, bloating, not drinking enough water, stress… there can be a lot of reasons that days can get tougher. Here are a few tips to cope with a hard day after surgery.


  • Accept there will be “bad” days


Not every day can be easy. Some days the weight might not shift on the scales, we may not drink enough water, and eating too much or too little can leave feelings of nausea or emptiness. It is important to accept that one day may be tougher than the day before, but it doesn’t mean that every day will be difficult. Taking it one day at a time, and going forward can be made a little easier. Being kind to yourself is a great first step.


  • Do the little things


Remembering the simple, little things post-surgery can sometimes be overwhelming, but checking them off your list can be very satisfying! Making sure to take your supplements at the right time, drink enough water, reduce your snacking and ensuring you get a good night’s sleep are simple ways to reduce those feelings of stress when a bad day hits. Even a bad day can have some really good parts to it. Don’t forget to acknowledge your efforts, even during those harder times.


  • Speak to your doctor, nurse, or dietitian


If the feelings are difficult to cope with, such as pain lasting longer than a few days, speaking to your doctor is a good way to discuss options going forward. It may be a short experience, or you may need extra support. Whatever it is, seeking advice from a medical professional can give some extra peace of mind.


  • Do something kind for yourself


As anyone in life experiencing hard days knows, it is important to set aside some time to care for yourself. Getting a massage, going for a walk, or going out to the movies is a nice way to relax and distract yourself when a tough day hits.


As always, we are here to help and answer any questions or listen to any concerns you have on your weight loss journey. It may seem like a bad day is one step backwards, but it means that there are so many fantastic opportunities to take more steps forward again. Keeping in contact with your dietitian and ensuring you have support with your weight loss goals can help with those bad days, and make them seem a little easier to cope with in the long-term.