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Support Group & Events

Helping you to connect with others

We understand the value in receiving support and sharing ideas with others on a similar journey to yourself. To help facilitate this,  we hold regular online support groups

What happens during a session?

You can join a session using your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. When you join, your camera will be switched off and you will be given the option to join via video which is purely optional! If you choose to leave your camera off, you can still speak to the group.

We have two different types of sessions per month:

Session One: Patient Journey

We invite you to listen to the journey and ask questions of two people who have had weight-loss surgery.


Session Two: Weight Loss Surgery Topic

These sessions are based around a topic specific to weight loss surgery, for example;  emotional eating, self sabotage, negative self talk, fear of weight regain etc


All sessions are held online and led by our experienced weight loss surgery counsellor

How do I join?

Secure your spot by booking a ticket via the links above.

Groups are limited to 10 people to facilitate easy communication.

Once you book your ticket, you will be sent a confirmation email which simply contains a link for you to click to join a session.

How do I find out more?


Contact person: Julie Hennessy

Phone: 9134 6807