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Exercise Physiology

Would you like an exercise program tailored specifically for your needs?

We believe that every person benefits from receiving exercise support after surgery. Our exercise physiologists specialises in creating exercise programs for people with pre-existing health conditions, injuries or mobility issues. The role of an exercise physiologist is to prescribe the best type of exercise program for you!

Louisa or Kristi will meet with you to discuss your goals and can provide you with an exercise program that can be applied wherever you most like to exercise (even if it’s inside your own home!).

Louisa and Kristi love working with people after weight loss surgery, as they are passionate about helping people get more out of life through improve movement. Exercise after surgery is essential for achieving excellent outcomes and lasting results.

An initial consultation involves:

  • Taking a thorough medical history
  • Setting goals together
  • Deciding which type of exercise best suits your lifestyle
  • Assessment of your current fitness
  • Full body measurements to help track your progress
  • Development of a personalised exercise program on a free mobile app (or printed)
  • Strategies to help you stay on track

All exercise programs come with personal on-going support from Louisa or Kristi via an app or email.

The type of exercise that will work for you is highly individual; let Louisa or Kristi help you find the exercise that’s right for you.


I’m ready to make a change for the better


Want to hear more about our patient’s experience with our Exercise Physiologist team? Watch the video below!