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Would you like to learn how to nourish yourself after Weight Loss Surgery?

Our dietitians have specialised experience providing support for people after weight loss surgery. We know the importance of working with someone who understands your journey and can provide you with expert advice.

We can help you achieve the best outcomes through regular follow-up so that you never feel alone on your journey. We can provide support for you at any stage before and after your surgery, even if you had surgery many years ago. It brings us great happiness to see you achieving your goals!

An initial consultation involves:

  • Taking a detailed history 
  • Discussion of food likes and dislikes
  • Education around the best food choices after weight-loss surgery
  • Strategies on how to best manage appetite
  • Education about some common challenges after surgery
  • Recommendations for nutritional supplements (as required)


I’d like to nourish myself


Want to hear more about our patient’s experience with our Dietetic team? Watch the videos below!

(Above: Vanessa & WLSS Director Julie – 10 Months Post Gastric Bypass Surgery)

(Above: Jacinta & WLSS Director Julie – 3 Years Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery)