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Set for Success Webinar Series 

Surgery is booked which is exciting but also scary at the same time! 

You know this is your last chance to get control over your weight and you want to make sure you do it right!

We understand your concern. Let us help you to utilize your pre-surgery time wisely with our ‘Set for Success’ webinar series.

Implement strategies now to gain confidence in your ability to manage your eating habits and get on the road to achieving freedom from food. Your post-surgery self will love you for it!

These webinar’s are pre-recorded and accessible at any time. It can also be useful to re-watch these webinars after surgery to maintain momentum towards your goals. 

Session One – The Foundations; find what motivates you, set your environment up for success and keep meal planning simple

Session Two – The head space stuff: identify and manage head hunger, and being aware of perfectionism

Sesion Three – Hear a patient journey; one of our long term patients will discuss their weight loss surgery journey

Session Four – Myth busting and Question and Answer session

Session Five– Exercising and movement for weight loss surgery