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Would you like to develop a positive relationship with food?

We recognise there are complex reasons why we make certain food choices. These are often not related to our nutrition knowledge. Getting the best outcome after weight-loss surgery often requires the input of an eating behaviour specialist to help you recognise the reasons why you make certain choices and how to manage these automatic behaviours.

Our mental health care team have experience helping you manage food cravings, address issues around body-image and discuss some of the complex social changes that come after surgery. It is not uncommon to feel worried about how other people in your life may react to your decision to have surgery and our team is here to support you with these types of issues.

An initial consultation involves:

  • Discussion around your issues and concerns
  • Exploration of how your thoughts and emotions relate to unwanted behaviours, such as over-eating.
  • Identifying changes that you feel comfortable addressing
  • Creating action plans to empower you to change behaviours or thought processes that have tormented you in the past


Yes please, give me all the support