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Stylist/Personal Shopping

Gain Confidence with Personal Style 

Weight Loss Surgery is a significant life change, not only to your health, but to your personal image as well. Shopping for a new wardrobe to suit your new shape, can be exciting for some, but for others this can be daunting and somewhat confronting.

Natalie Cosgriff-Dunn appreciates the challenges faced when taking on what can seem like a foreign & overwhelming but necessary task. Natalie has developed the following services to assist people in creating their own personal style whilst feeling comfortable & at ease.


Wardrobe Cleanse and Style Consultation

A relaxed consultation in the luxury of your home with Natalie, your own personal stylist, to edit your wardrobe and discuss your personal style;

  • Meet with you at your home and discuss your view towards your current wardrobe and personal style
  • Review your existing wardrobe and offer objective advise based from industry knowledge and current trends
  • Create head to toe styled outfits with your existing clothes and accessories
  • Advise how to recognise and select flattering items for your new body shape
  • Create a shopping list of what you need to buy to ‘fill the gaps’


Personal Shopping Trip

A pre-planned exciting experience, shopping at stores to suit your style and budget;

  • An initial questionnaire emailed to you & phone conversation to identify your needs
  • A relaxed experience where you will see first-hand where the great stores are and how to put together your desired style
  • Ideal for a wardrobe update, a lifestyle change or a specific event
  • Unbiased shopping opinions, advice & solutions


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