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Should I be snacking between meals after weight loss surgery?

Snacking is usually not recommended after weight loss surgery. Snacking increases overall energy intake throughout the day. The volume of the stomach or digestive system decreases significantly after weight loss surgery, so adding in extra snacks is unnecessary, as the stomach’s capacity has shrunken to tolerate small meals. Adding in extra snacks can slow down, stop or even reverse weight loss.


It is important to think about why you may be thinking about snacking. Is it habit, boredom or hunger? Listening to your internal hunger cues and thinking about what is going on outside of your eating routine may assist in preventing snacking after weight loss surgery. You may not be getting enough protein at mealtimes, so ensuring there is a protein source at breakfast, lunch and dinner can assist with feeling full. Drinking enough fluid is very important, as often thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Making sure you are taking your supplements is critical too, as the body requires those nutrients to function at it’s best.


Starting healthy habits after surgery are critical, which includes minimizing or avoiding snacking and optimizing nutrient intake in smaller meals. This can lead to great weight loss success in the first few months after surgery and weight maintenance over the long-term.