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The easy wasy to track your intake – food photos

Tracking food intake over the course of the day can be difficult. Jotting down notes, leaving slips of paper here and there, food tracking apps… it can be hard to visualise how much of a food we are eating. For example, one cup of salad leaves is very different to a cup of shredded chicken.


One of the easiest and quickest ways to keep track of our food intake is by taking food photos. Just a quick snap on your phone is a great way to track food intake over the course of a day, week or month. Being able to reflect on some days when you are feeling hungrier than other days may be because you skipped breakfast or didn’t have time to sit and eat lunch. Having feelings of bloating or pain could be linked to a bigger portion at lunchtime, which can help us figure out portion sizes, what type of foods are best to eat earlier in the day, or to avoid if they are causing upsetting symptoms.


Food photos are also incredibly helpful to show your dietitian, surgeon or nurse. We can assist in estimating portion sizes, comparing to cup sizes at your consultation, and showing other size comparisons to assist in plating up in the future. Before and after photos during meals are also great, showing the size of the meal prior to eating it, and what is left on the plate at the end. This way, you can see how much your body really needs, and how you can save on plating up in the future. It is a great reference for you, and for us, on your weight loss journey.