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What are the best apps to use after weight loss surgery?

After weight loss surgery, it can sometimes be difficult to remember everything that needs to be done; with requirements for food intake, vitamins and hydration being incredibly important. There are also times we need a bit of support with our eating. That is where some great apps can come in to help. We all tend to have our phones on us all the time, so logging meals, hydration, time to take tablets and everything else can be quite easy if set up properly. Here are a few helpful apps or phone hacks to help after weight loss surgery.


  1. Clock/Alarm app

It sounds simple, and it is. A lot of people who have to take regular medication set alarms on their phones whenever they need to take their tablets. For example, remembering to have Benefibre at breakfast, or taking your calcium tablets, can simply be added in as an alarm. Your phone will go off at that time, and remind you to take your supplements. Done!


  1. Baritastic

With reminders built into the app (just like an alarm!) plus tracking fluids, mealtimes, activity and a journal, the Baritastic app has everything. It is easy to store everything in one app such as this, especially when reaching goals such as protein intake per day, weight loss or amount of steps per day.


  1. My Fitness Pal

An easy-to-use fitness and food tracker, My Fitness Pal can log meals, weights, portions and can help separate macronutrients. This is important to understand how much protein, carbohydrates and fats you may be consuming per meal. With protein an important nutrient post-surgery, aiming to have this at every meal is top priority, and can be easier to track on an app than in your mind. It also can track weight loss, with weigh-ins posted and tracked via a graph, showing patterns. This can be helpful to show your doctor or dietitian.


  1. Before I Eat

A fantastic mindful eating app, Before I Eat is a solution in your pocket to stop binge eating, or overeating. There are options to journal, do deep breathing, explore reasons why you may feel like eating. Sometimes it can be difficult to stop the reaction to binge or eat more than what we need, but the app is there to help halt this compulsion, even when out at the supermarket or restaurant.


  1. Eat Chew Rest

For anyone struggling with eating food slowly, Eat Chew Rest is there to help. It is simple; the green wheel will move which signals to eat, yellow signals to chew and enjoy the food, and when the red wheel moves, it signals to put down your fork and to rest. The pace can be changed if need be, but this assists with slowly chewing food to avoid reflux or eating too quickly after surgery.