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What happens if I regain weight after weight loss surgery?

What happens if I regain weight after weight loss surgery?

Small amounts of regaining weight after weight loss surgery can be quite normal. It is common to get to your lowest weight and then notice a slight increase after this point. However if your rate of weight regain is significant, or if you are regaining weight prior to reaching your target weight, there are a few possible reasons.

The first step is to look at possible lifestyle reasons; such as eating less nutritious foods and not getting enough regular exercise. It can be a good idea to take time to revisit the healthy behaviour guidelines appropriate for surgery;

For example:

  • Planning meals a day (or week) in advance
  • Bringing healthy, home-made lunches to work
  • Eating regular meals to avoid night eating
  • Not mixing food and fluids
  • Eating smaller portion sizes
  • Avoiding “grazing” or snacking

Sometimes, what seems like a subtle changes in eating habits or exercise can have quite an effect on your weight, and it is not always obvious what is causing the problem.

Regaining weight can be quite disheartening, so it is important not to give up, but to discuss possible solutions with your dietitian. They might be able to help you with non-hunger driven eating (eating when stressed etc), identifying food choices in your diet that seem healthy but actually aren’t, evaluating if your portion size is correct for your individual needs and weight goals, and referring on if there are suspected non-lifestyle causes for weight regain.

Everyone’s experiences after weight loss surgery are very different. Taking it day by day with healthy lifestyle choices can be what makes your journey even greater!